The Exquisite McQueen

Only sixteen looks from the late Alexander McQueen's show were on display in Paris yesterday. Inspired by Old Master paintings, they demonstrated McQueen's breathtaking creativity and historical acumen - and remind us all why his talent is such a tremendous loss. Below, a preview. The first gown, my favorite, hints heavily at the Medieval.
Images, The Cut.


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

amazing, breathtaking, heavenly. pgt

MK said...

Wow. Those are AMAZING. I especially love the first, fifth, and sixth. Wow.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

That second one takes my breath away.....such a loss to the fashion world Just read the Vanity Fair article about him last night. I enjoyed the glimpse of what he was up to bewfore he left.

Averill said...

Wow. These are all stunning. I think the second to last is my favorite though.

Makes me sad though...I honestly can't think of a designer who can fill his shoes. Heard Gareth Pugh may replace him as head of his eponymous house but that just seems wrong.....

studioJudith said...

Oh my ... . I see we're on the same wavelength!
This guy certainly knew how to make
an exit ... .



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