Kindle Creativity

This is a funny post for me to do, seeing as how I have no interest - read - zero - interest in electronic readers. I'm a bibliophile. I adore books:  the texture of the paper, the imprint of the type, the smell of leather binding. But of course, the best things about books is where they take you. Which is why I'm willing to overlook these drab little slabs of plastic known as "reading devices" (formerly known as books), and enjoy the Amazon Kindle commercials. They're a wonderful story themselves, full of whimsical imagery, great design, and above all, the magical sense that books can take you anywhere.

Ad One:  This ad isn't done by professionals; using a charming stop-motion technique, it actually won a competition to become the Kindle ad. Transformed by the stories she reads, a woman becomes an aeronaut, a Parisian cyclist, and performs magic with the help of Kindle bunnies.
Ad visible here

Ad Two:  a young man transforms into a shipwrecked sailor, a scientist whose potion produces a
beautiful girl (assuredly, the dream of every nerdy scientist), and a robber, who, in a counterintuitive
move against Amazon's bottom line, steals Kindles.
You can view the ad here.
All images, Amazon via youtube.


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