There's a curious concealment going on in the design world, a conspiracy that stretches from Architectural Digest to Country Home. Glance through the pages of any shelter magazine, closely examine the pictures of bathrooms, and you'll notice that something's missing. In water closets across the country, some Americans are apparently bathing in defiance of the laws of physics:  they never splash any water when showering. How do I know? Because all of these beautiful, glamorous bathrooms never have a shower curtain in sight - but the grouting is crisp and the floors are dry. Apparently, swags of vinyl are de trop in mag land. Of course, who can blame them? There are few things that scream "tacky" like "plastic shower curtain." But we can't all have marble dividing walls and crystal stalls. The rest of us - us non super-showerers - need a buffer between water and walls. And our bathrooms should look good doing it. So without further ado, some (very challenging to find) examples of proper shower curtain etiquette - and where you can get your own.
   The simplicity of a monogram brings elegance to a bathroom. No 
     ugly here! (For similar shopping options see below.)

Kate Spade's bathroom. Stripes? Check. Zebra stripes? Double check. Using a graphic
pattern to offset the color on the walls is a nice trick - the same one you might use for curtains
in any other room. Scalamandre zebras can cavort across the walls safely shielded from 
the dangers of errant spray.

In a rental and don't want to paint? A shower curtain can bring needed 
color to a bland bathroom. I love the orange and pink pattern - so Tory Burch!

Patterned elegance. Designer Krista Ewert goes luxe with a fabulous fabric 
shower curtain in a pop of pink. Don't hesitate to have your favorite fabrics made 
into bathroom decor. Ever heard of a plastic liner?

How beautiful is this bathroom? An exotic ikat gives it style and substance, 
photo courtesy of Cote de Texas.
Another great white bathroom gets the pattern treatment. 

Above:  Beautiful chinoiserie examples: Avian shower curtain, from Anthropologie.
 Blue and white pagodas from West Lake at Inmod.

Below:  Patterns, Paisleys, and Monograms. Clockwise:  Green and white patterned Kew shower curtain, at Inmod. Paisley Pop shower curtain from PB Teen. Monogramed Catalina shower curtain, 
Images:  Products, as attributed. Rooms:  Domino monogram, Kate Spade room at Habitually Chic, Orange bathroom, Pink bathroom, Black and white paisley bathroom.


Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Fun Post...makes me want to tackle my kid's bathroom with a shower curtain as its inspiration!

Jenn @ Dear Heart said...

I've noticed that too. Also MIA from most mags -- toilets. I'm ok with that one, though.

These curtains are gorgeous, btw.

g├ęsbi said...

Practical must be pretty -- you've done it. I especially love the balance in the stripes on the bottom of the curtains and the zebra wallpaper. Good job!

Southern Chateau said...

Yep. Just good ole' shower curtains around here, too. Thanks for the ideas. I need to update all of ours.

Beach House Living said...

Your are right shower curtains are missing. Our ancient bath could use an updated shower curtain.

Christina said...

this is a fantastic post. you are so right about shower curtains being omitted from so many beautiful bathrooms. i'm actually looking for a new shower curtain now so i will definitely refer to this!

studioJudith said...

Nothing transforms an ordinary
bathroom like the right shower curtain: instant softness against all the cold surfaces.
Love that Zebra bath with the
bold Black / White!


Averill said...

I love a great shower curtain -- India Rose and BlissLiving Home also have some great options. But definitely a fan of pulling a DIY and making one from the fabric of your choice. Options are limitless!


While I love the minimalist baths, I do love shower curtains! They're so fun, so cheap and give instance pop and personality. So many times I see ones that I want to turn into window treatments b/c the patterns are so great.

P.S. I do wish you had made it to Mrs. Howard's, would love to meet you!!

Southern Aspirations said...

This is a great post! And there can be very pretty shower curtains! We have glass doors on all our showers and I actually miss the fabric.

Sarah Klassen said...

I'm still laughing, and now will be looking closely at every single bathroom featured in my magazines...oh, your eye for detail never, ever ceases to amaze me!

Such lovely examples here -- I really enjoy the Krista Ewert one... currently, I have a classic Restoration Hardware one, but am looking into a new one.

Marija said...

This is so very true. I find it particularly frustrating when I am trying to use images to explain something to a client or just for inspiration. Anyone can buy a great bathtub if they can afford it. Show me a creative way to keep the water in and the space clean and I am way more impressed! Marija

I ♥ NY said...

i've been eyeing those anthro shower curtains... yum! you should also check out the shower curtains at restoration hardware if you haven't yet. super chic and simple.


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