It's not enough that we have trendy shoes, trendy hair styles, trendy decor colors (Pantone says it's turquoise!), and trendy hem lines. There are trendy party decorations too. Last year, it was the chinese lantern. Weddings had them, anniversaries had them, parties for one-year-olds with helicopter mommies had them. But 2010 is the year of the pom-pom. They're everywhere, hovering over baby showers like so many miracle-grow fed cherry blossoms, or turning up at weddings, dangling off pews like over-sized coconut balls. But they're popular for good reason:  inexpensive, adaptable, and they come in every size! What could be better? Here's your inspiration -


Want to learn how to make your own? It's easy! Visit HERE.

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{Images: gift: On sticks: white: black and white tree: polka dot: Green: hung on chandelier: black and gray: In trees: With chinese lantersn: Around napkin: mini ones:}


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