Project Runway this season hasn't had much "run" in it. In fact, the entire season has been stuck in neutral - neutral colors, neutral designs, neutral characters. Where are the epic screaming matches and hair pulling? The accusations of plagiarism? The whisperings about cheating? Every episode has felt like the TV audience was taken on a trip to Baskin' Robbins with its dozens of ice cream choices - and forced to order vanilla. So it was really a surprise in the final challenge to see this dress below. It is, in a word, FANTASTIC. Michael Kors said it was the best piece of the season, and he's (of course. duh.) right. And it guaranteed designer Emilio a slot at the coveted Bryant Park show. Sadly, the pics don't do it justice. If you get a chance, catch the full episode (and gown close-up) here.
P.S. For some reason, this reminds me of a look Lynn Wyatt might wear. They like stripes big in Texas!


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