I don't know what your local drugstore is like, but mine looks like some kind of summer product bomb went off in the foyer, and there are SPF 80 bottles, dusty beach balls, and tacky plastic fans everywhere. So naturally, when I wandered up the food aisle and saw cracker boxes festooned with sprightly animals in Lilly Pulitzer togs, I thought the sunscreen fumes were causing hallucinations. But no, the princess of prints really is decorating boxes of cookies:
So there you go. Do you want some designer cookies? Frankly, I'd be a lot more excited if they had pastel frosting...


Cristin said...

pink frosting would be a nice touch!

Beach House Living said...

Animal cookies meets Lily Pulitzer? Shops here are loaded with her clothes I wonder if they are offering little plates of these cookies while you shop.

Averill said...

What were those pink and white iced cookies called? SO much better than animal crackers.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

I bought my boys these in target a few weeks ago!


What else is there to say?

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

This strikes me as just sooooo funny...where is the sense in this? However, much cuter boxes than when I was a kid!

Alicia said...

The icing would have been amazing!!! Berry pink, Lime green & lemon yellow. Maybe I'll get a few boxes & accesorize foodie wise.
By the way they also have Men's Lilly at Marshalls now. Almost dropped my phone...

Kiki said...

These are the best cookies/animal crackers ever!!! Well, now they've got even better!!! I will be dining in fine style..


Pigtown-Design said...

That's insane! I can't imaging our trashy Rite-Aid having these!

Summer is a Verb said...

They made perf Easter basket loot but you're right, they need to made them with the pink frosting. THOSE would be the bomb...XXOO

Down and Out Chic said...

mmmm, pastel frosting. i'm with you.

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