I hate all this tweeting that just clutters up the internet "tubes" with pointless drivel like "I heart kats" or "spaghetti is yum." But the truth is, I really do "heart" blogging - I even tweeted that the other day, tragically. Every month, I'm excited for the arrival of the latest shelter mags or a new style book; I devour every detail - and then put them on the shelf. But the blogger world is not so static, or so limited (or taking up an unworldly amount of my shelf space). The adage may be that there's nothing new under the sun, but every day, the design blog world tries to prove that wrong.

So here are a few of the blogs that frequently inspire me - and my latest favorite find from each of them. Enjoy!
ANNECHOVIE. Below, Anne's own artwork, "English Roses on Aqua Print," via her blog (and Etsy shop) Annechovie. Anne's talented renderings - from chinoiserie to pets - have a charming, light-hearted touch and a timeless appeal.

ODI ET AMO. Averill at Odi at Amo is a lawyer cum decorator cum all-around great blogger (the law + design combo strikes me as a great way to handle wayward contractors too). She has a decided knack for finding great decor - and for putting it all together. Bench from Jonathan Adler.

GADABOUT. Aside from having an awesome name, Hanna Brooks Nation at Gadabout Blog has an elegant and unique stationary collection, full of monogramed chinese lanterns, zebras, Fifth Avenue ladies, pearls, abstract prints, and flowers. And they make for a great blog game too! Can you find the monograms hidden on these cards?

Hannah also has a marvelous eye, and the inspirational "Look" section of her website has led me to some wonderful finds, including Leontine Linens.

Jennifer Boles over at Peak of Chic is a busy lady; aside from content-rich writing and lovely design work, she's the author of the new book House Beautiful:  Fabrics For Your Home, a marvelous guide to the ins and outs of fabrics. Take it with you to the antique store, Calico Corners, or the yard sale down the street, and you'll know your fabrics. Jennifer says to think of the book as "everything you wanted to know about fabric but were afraid to ask." Or as I like to call it: Fabrics, Fear-Free.

THE DECORISTA. Ashlina is The Decorista - and she deserves the title! Her blog, The Decorista, Secrets of Domestic Bliss is just my style - a bit of decor, a bit of fashion - and a lot of flavor. She's always turning up new trends for me to check out, and new stores for me to surf (Danger Sanity Fair! Danger!). My new Favorite via Decorista is yet another blog Table Tonic, by Aussie designer Louise, and featuring her marvelous ikat and watercolor pillows. I want them all! I need more pillow-friendly surfaces. And a larger house. Much larger.

INGLE TALK. Maureen of charming blog Ingle Talk also just happens to have an even more charming shop, The Inglenook Decor. From alabaster frames to caned-pattern rugs, she puts a lot of lovely in one place (such as these St. Honore ceramic trays, below).

BEACH HOUSE LIVING. I love seaside inspiration, and it's easy to find at lovely blog Beach House Living. BHL has plenty of my favorites - coral and seashells especially - and a charming little shop of ocean-inspired delights.
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