I'm still trying to figure out what Sarah Jessica Parker, painted clowns, and an artist with OCD have in common. A Bravo reality show, apparently. SJP's latest endeavor, Work of Art, purports to show us what the art of original creation is like - insomuch as it usually happens in a tiny studio with 13 other people banging, sawing, painting, and shouting, on a 14-hour deadline, with limited supplies and an army of cameras. Au natural!

At least anything associated with style czar SJP is guaranteed to include some artistic license. Work of Art show host China Chow is sporting the latest craze:  hair fanciers, or hair jewelry. Our latest mad-about-Brits fancier craze (just in time for the oil spill!), is a popular look across the pond. I love the way Chow wore it:  sleek and sophisticated.

Want some headgear of your own? Start with the UK of course. Asos is the Brit answer to Bluefly, with options from Philip Treacy and plenty of feathers.

If a $500 Treacy is out of your range (why? what? Those feathers were worth a pretty penny to the bird who wore them), try high street star TopShop. Prices range from $10 to $20.

Just in time for Fourth of July, a few stateside blooms, handmade by Emersonmade.

Etsyians (Etsy artisans) quickly discovered that this was a craft-friendly fad. Viemoderne offers fun colors.

And Etsy shop Kaang offers most of their pieces in headbands - the look is ducky.

Final note:  don't go TOO mad with the feathers. You won't feel so fancy when mistaken for a Swan Lake extra!
And Final Question:  will you wear the look?


Acornmoon said...

lovely post, beautiful work.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

I can't pull it off but love the looks!

Averill said...

Hadn't heard about SJP's new reality show -- has it started yet?

As for hair ornaments...I love them, but not on me. Just can't stand anything in my hair (strange personal pet peeve, I guess).

Samantha said...

Haven't worn a headband or a hairpin since 1985. (But then again, these options weren't available.)

Mer said...

I'm going back to wearing decorative pins in my hair because it's a relatively child-proof personal decoration, and such things matter these days... My recent favorite fascinators and rosette clips on etsy are by Giantdwarf, Brydferth, and SunshineandCarousels.

Unknown said...

what a fabulous post!! and loove your blog!! full of inspiration!! Hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

New follower! Love the blog and especially loving the head gear! It's one of my signatures! Thanks for sharing the Etsy shops! xo

Christina said...

i've been loving this look for some time now (i even sell my own hairpins!) i have a fabric floral hairpin in my hair as we type and i love it. functional and cute :)

Renae Moore said...

hmmmm, not sure it's 'me'! I did try one on though on a headband. It stayed in the store!

Rebekah.N said...

Anyone need any graphic design or blog design hit me up


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