Apparently, I'm still dealing with my obsession with "Magnificent Obsession," the highly unlikely August Vogue story where Natalia can't stand Ewan McGregor, for reasons which remain unclear, and runs off (or, just to de-class the joint a bit "r-u-n-n  o-f-t" as they say in O Brother, Where Art Thou). Anyway, it's the shoes. There's a pair of divine black flats with bows so large they almost conceal the fact that they're on a foot.

The shoes are Louis Vuitton's Beauty Pump in black velvet, with a Swarovski crystal covered heel. I won't tell you how much they cost, just in case you have a heart condition.

They're also featured in the "opening credits" of this story, peeking demurely out of the grass. (Note: do not wear shoes like these in grass. Or outside.)

More LV bounty; other versions of the Beauty Pump, and open-toe bow options from the Monica line. Charming, no?
Images, Vogue, Louis Vuitton.


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