I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of Home and Garden Television these days. In fact, if the network just wanted to go ahead and rename itself Real Estate and Garden Television, I wouldn't bat an eye (at least it would be fair advertising). Most of the shows are about buying houses. Or selling houses. Or buying or selling houses for the first time. Or competing with other real estate agents to buy or sell houses. Or buying and selling houses overseas. Or domestically. Or for all I know, on Mars. I suppose in these lean times, this makes financial sense: what could be cheaper than running a few agents (who need the face time anyway) through a house, throwing out a few verbal bombs (criticism is always cheap), and calling it a show? Nothing, except that a) NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO BUY HOUSES RIGHT NOW, and b) this is incredibly BORING. So boring. Watching real estate agents for hours on end is about as exciting as watching paint dry, which frankly, I'd prefer, since this really is supposed to be a channel about designing and decorating.

Going for the Gold (and Blue) on HGTV show Curb Appeal.

Anywho, I inadvertently clicked over to HGTV the other day anyway, and couldn't stop watching Curb Appeal: The Block. Nothing earth-shattering, but it's an entertaining show, and a lot of us spend so much time focusing on our ikat pillows with fringe that we forget to attend to the landscaping. Curb Appeal does great doors and entrances - and the only other thing you need is a great foyer to bridge the gap between public and private space. The foyer or entrance hall is the prologue to your home's story, since it introduces the guest to the mood and style of your house. A great entrance way makes you want to keep walking - to see what's inside.

Meg Braff

Miles Redd

Jonathan Berger

J. Randall Powers

Ned Marshall
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Aoife.Troxel said...

I love the one by Ned Marshall!

Harrison Howard said...

The Miles Redd entry hall really does it for me. There's something about the combination of the patterned floor, the high gloss peacock blue walls, and the red accents that makes me think of Indian Mughal paintings. I'd like to see more people in the decorating field use strong colors and patterns this way.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that giant foyer is really a stunner!! The padded (?) door, the pattern of the stone floor, and those curved walls with the greek key thing are so unique.

Where is this house-is it old or new and who was the architect?

Samantha said...

I hear you. Househunters puts me right to sleep. (except for HH International.) Never watched Curb Appeal. Will give it a look.

Anonymous said...

It's funny you brought this up as I was just thinking the same thing yesterday. I thought that I would give HGTV another chance and turned it on yesterday on my day off and was again sadly disappointed. Oh well the pics you posted are beautiful!

Lila said...

Ah, you are so right about renaming the entire channel! I love HGTV's Curb Appeal. Have you ever watched the show and then run out in front of your house to assess what needs to be done?! I have!
Lila Ferraro

Maureen Stevens said...

You are so right! Curb appeals, entry doors, foyers & entrance hallways are so far as homes, I tend to judge the book by it's cover, the first things I see. Those entry ways are just gorgeous! I'm quite partial to Miles Redd.

TOPSY said...

The hall in picture # 3 decorated by Miles Redd was designed by the architectural firm of Bories & Shearron in New York. I believe its an apartment in New York not an old house.


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