Americans are mad about Mad Men - it's slick, chic, and darn fun to watch. But as I plowed through episode after episode (yep, I finally watched it!), I began to wonder:  why do we all love this show? As beautiful as it is visually, it can be tough to watch - sexism is alive and well in the imaginary 1960s. I try to answer that question in my latest article here, at Human Events.

BONUS:  the Mad Men website has a special fashion section!


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I love the show! I think it's a combination of the fashion, design, and naughtiness!

Anastasia Schembri said...

Funny, I have asked myself that very same question. I am intrigued by the show mainly for the decor and fashion but I have often wondered what is the draw for such a large and what seems like a very diverse group of viewers. I can't imagine that they are all interested in the skirts worn and couches sat upon, yet there is some sort of element that is tickling everyones fancy!
Excellent article, I think you have really touched on something there!
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Great article. Must admit you nudged me into a thought process which is near impossible at this hour. Love you blog.
Teresa (Splendid Sass)

Beach House Living said...

I've yet to see this show. I do like some of the fashions though.

Karena said...

I do think it is combination of all of these elements as well as taking us back to another era which is fascianting!

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Art by Karena

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

It must be the fashion and setting as I often think the story line is slow, slow to watch sometimes. But I keep watching. Good question! XO

Visual Vamp said...

Great article, and the comments over there are very funny and interesting.
Watching Mad Men is having all the pleasure of the era without suffering guilt or consequences - like getting cancer from smoking, getting AIDS from having casual sex, becoming a member of AA because of all that drinking, or becoming a drug addict because of all the house wife pill popping, or heat rash from wearing girldles, or even having to wear a girdle (oh yeah, now we have Spanx).
The isms are sadly still with us, though we manage them better.
And the decor and furniture are a guilty pleasures too, since we all once thought it was so very tacky ha ha.
I missed the first episode, but I will be watching on Sunday while sitting on my vintage couch, wearing a chic hostess caftan, and sipping a really dirty Martini. I draw the line at smoking.
xo xo

Samantha said...

Great article. I don't watch because I find the behavior irritating. However, love the style of the time (hate our sweatpant style today) and appreciate that it is not a rose-colored glasses version of the past.

Ingrid Mida said...

Skyla, your article is a thoughtful analysis of the show and like everything you write, elegant and witty too.
I am a fan of the show, in spite of its moody and perplexing story lines. I was a baby then and it helps make that time in history come alive. And besides, it is almost worth watching for the fashions alone!!

Robin said...

I have loved the show from the beginning, even though the misogyny of the period makes my inner feminist scream. The worst offender (Roger) also has the best one-liners, and I am crushing equally on both John Sterling and Christina Hendricks. Sunday is now my favorite night.

If you love the fashions, you need to read Tom & Lorenzo's wardrobe analysis posts at http://projectrungay.blogspot.com/search/label/Mad%20Style?max-results=18. Start at the oldest ones and work your way forward.

WanderChow said...

I watch the show for several reasons: the eye candy of what is a fictional rolling snapshot of a time before I lived, but in which my parents entered full adulthood; the time period's position between "heaven" and "hell" for Americana; and the quietly unfolding humanity and modernity the characters display. We're watching some of them devolve (Don) and some of them evolve (Peggy), some reach obsolescence (Cooper), some reach relevance (Pete). I can't get enough of this unfolding.


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