I've never been terribly fond of Natalie Portman. Or is that Keira Knightly? I can't tell them apart, really, so perhaps it doesn't matter. At any rate, Portman is the evil twin this holiday movie season, starring in the Black Swan, a psychological thriller about a dancer who spins out of control. Though there have been (more than) enough dance movies lately, few have dealt with the "underworld" of intrigue and pressure in the international ballet scene. And, I'll see anything, anywhere, about Swan Lake, truly the most beautiful ballet in the history of dance.

Portman stars as the new prima ballerina, and the recent premier received very positive reviews. But the rest of us mere non-film-fest-attending-mortals will simply have to wait until the December release to get a peak. (Tip: do not confuse this with The Nutcracker and take the kids). 

The trailer has a whiff of Audrey Tautou in "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not," where the audience is unsure who is truly mad - and who is dangerous. 

The real Swan Lake: the Black Swan is the evil opposite of Odette, the Swan Queen. The Black Swan, Odile, lures the prince, who is in love with Odette, away at the crucial moment when he must declare his love for Odette or see her die at the hand of the sorcerer, Odile's father. Here, Yuan Yuan Tan dances as the Black Swan in 1998.  

The ballet theme has been a constant in fashion throughout the years. Here, Vogue does ballet with a touch of Billy Elliot, 2008.

West Side Story!

Vogue cover, 2007 - Sienna Miller as a white swan.

Gisele Bundchen strikes a balletic pose in Vogue.

Lilly Cole as an English swan in British Vogue.

Wear the look!

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Images, Portman: Tan as Black Swan, Billy Elliot Vogue spread, Gisele: 2007 cover: Lilly Cole in British Vogue, The Terrier and the Lobster. All product images, companies as attributed. 


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