Tomorrow is the last day of summer - which means that today, this minute, is your LAST chance to get in all that summering you've been meaning to do. So grab your sunscreen, leave your work ethic at your desk, and get busy... because the only way to celebrate the end of summer is with homemade ice cream! On the beach (as long as there isn't a wind). Website Serious Eats came up with a brilliant scheme: ice cream made in your home freezer! It takes a few hours (during which the freezer, not you, does all the work), and the results are apparently Haagen-Dazs quality.

What's the trick? Ice cube trays...

But the results look like this. 

Recipe HERE, and more details HERE.
Chanel ice cream cone via Nitroclicious.


Anonymous said...

What a clever idea, I definitely need to check that out!

quintessence said...

Ice cream has been my downfall this summer. My husband discovered the most divine home made ice cream from a local dairy farm (wrote about it last month). But this sounds great for when I'm ready to indulge again!

Splendid Sass said...

Love the new blog photograph! That ice cream looks too delicious. Will go there now and check out the recipe.
Have a nice evening.

TSL said...

Ahhh, thank you thank you thank you. Though I have a new vice, watermelon Italian ice, I will give it a try.

And couldn't help notice your new header, love it (but loved the other, too.) That is what happens when you are a cutie, it all looks good.

Be well.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

My downfall right there in living colour! Great job on the new blog header. XO

Sarah Klassen said...

love the new header -- so fresh and elegant :) also, I adore Fall, but am sure to miss some of the little pleasures of Summer, like these delicious treats!

Hope your week has been wonderful so far, Skyla,


Kate Spears said...

well look at your lovely-lou new blog header! so glad i hopped over from the reader today, i always miss the beauty of blogs by staying over there. xoxo

Averill said...

Honestly?! I'm SO excited summer is officially over (even if our weather isn't unofficially over for a few more weeks).

Anonymous said...

I've been absent for nearly a week - and look at the new you!!! SF is lookin better than ever!

and you're teasing me with more fabulous stores we don't have in Aust :(

Samantha said...

I took your advice and ran off to the beach Friday.


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