This fall's collections are awash in enough epaulettes and gold buttons to make General Patton swoon (aside from being a bit of a maniac, he was a man with high sartorial standards, once designing a tank uniform replete with gold helmet). The military look is everywhere, and anything so classically American as a uniform and a bit of Army green Ralph Lauren won't neglect for long. Sure enough, here's a Lauren bag, the Gloucestershire Cotton Tote, that fits the ticket.

It's a bit of a British shooting bag, but really, it reminds me of nothing so much as a military issue helmet bag (or brain bag, as it's more cheerily known in the field). Not being one to miss an opportunity to acquire anything remotely like a purse, I'd already made off with my father's Vietnam-era helmet bag. Tied up with a leopard scarf, and able to hold enormous amounts of stuff like laptops, magazines, day planners (even entire helmets), it makes a great fall accessory. The "trim" around the top conceals a set of front pockets as deep as the bag. Judge for yourself:

The Polo bag comes with a fancy name plate inside. 

Well, me too!

A resourceful use of supplies - I think the General would approve (but I'm not so sure about my father).
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Beach House Living said...

I'm not sure my father would approve either. Too bad he (my father) tossed everything he had saved so perfectly folded a few years ago.

Splendid Sass said...

I believe that he would love the idea! Ralph Lauren won my heart many years ago. There is just something perfect about everything the RL does. Great post!

boops said...

Form follows function-a good bag is a good bag. I think Ralph would approve. On another note, please thank you dad for his service.

Renae Moore said...

I love the helmet bag as a purse, surely my dad or hubby have an extra laying around somewhere!

Kitty said...

I love that first bag! Great color and so utilitarian!


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