"Because maybe
you're gonna be the one who saves me
And after all,
you're my wonderwall."

Along with the successes of Jessica Simpson and Justin Bieber, the lyrics to Oasis' Wonderwall are among the great mysteries of modern civilization. It would make sense to compare one's love to a pillar, perhaps, or a foundation, but a wall? A barrier? A blockade? It's like saying, "hey baby, you inhibit me." It didn't make sense until...

I saw Celerie Kemble's wonder walls. Walls are an oft-overlooked part of decor, particularly in an age when minimalism (in appearance, if not in the actual budget) still reigns supreme. But Kimble's walls are as necessary to her designs as any piece of furniture in the room - in fact, it's almost a shame to cover them up with pictures and paintings. 

These wonderwalls will make you fall in love.




So which do you love?
Images, Kemble Interiors.


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