Fall, 2009....
...Season of the Snood. They were everywhere - and around every neck. The Wall Street Journal, in a fit of fetish, even declared that the snood was going to "save Christmas." But one year later, this relic of 20th century female propriety has again gone the way of, well, propriety, as designers offer scarves and collars as the au courant insulation against chill. 

Which is why I'm on a mission to save the fur snood! Why not? It's stylish, elegant - and need I mention the practical factor? - WARM. And despite a lack of runway presence, there are still plenty available, in many looks and prices. Here are a few cheap and chic options for fur fabulosity:

Or, break the bank on fine furs that will feel marvelous.

One of the best sources of fur snoods is vintage - don't overlook Ebay, local vintage stores, or grandma's closet! The snood also goes by the names neck-wrap, fur collar, cowl, and muffler (keep that in mind while searching). 

A few more looks from '09...

So, do you wear a snood? Are you going to start this season? 
Images, all group shots from Fashion Time; products: Shop Bop, TopShop, NY & Co, Forever21, Coach, Burberry, Helmut Lang. 


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