My life is full of tough decisions (is this the best moisturizing, loveliest smelling face cream on the entire planet? Is this steak cooked at optimal temperatures for both safety and taste? Will my tailor take out a hit on me if I have this pant cuff re-hemed one more time?). I've been told I'm picky, but I prefer to say "particular." As in, "this particular book won't do - can you get me a copy without a tiny, microscopic scratch on the back dust jacket?"

It's a hard life. So you can just imagine how terribly difficult it was for me to make the decision with Designer Apparel to offer a give-away for a gorgeous piece of Marc Jacobs jewelry - I'm a tough sell. It took me almost 20 solid seconds to say, "heck, yes!" (during those 20 seconds I was calculating if I could win it myself.)

These beautiful bangles could grace your wrist!

So I'm very excited to be offering this gorgeous bracelet for you to win. Isn't it charming? I mean literally. It has charms. It's the Marc by Marc Jacobs House of Cards bracelet stack.

Give-away host Designer Apparel is an exciting online search engine that carries hundreds of luxury brands. You can find wonderful labels from Ralph Lauren and Cole Haan, to Loro Piana and Tory Burch! It's a lovely way to do all your shopping on one website.

Playing By The Rules
1. The give-away will end on Tuesday, October 26, and will be decided via random selection courtesy of Random.org.

2. To enter the give-away, you must become a follower of Sanity Fair via Google Follower or via Facebook (links to both, RH sidebar. Twitter will not count for this contest).

3. You must leave me a comment with email or personal website link stating that you've become a follower on any blog post through next Tuesday.

4. If you're already a follower via one or both of those options, just leave me a comment with email or personal website link and let me know that you're already a fan for automatic entry.

5. For every way you follow (Google Follower or Facebook), you get one entry in the contest. Two follows = two entries. Just be sure to let me know you've followed twice! :)

6. With apologies to all my fabulous Aussie and Canadian friends, this contest is for U.S. residents ONLY. (But if you can score a friend in the continental 50 who is willing to let you use their shipping address, be my guest!). If winner is unreachable after seven days, s/he forfeits the prize to second place.

Good luck friends!!! I can't wait to see who wins!

/All images/ shopbop via designerapparel.com/


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