The best part about a road trip is the food. This is because, as everyone knows, when you drive a car speed exceeds the base level of caloric burn, halving calories and permitting higher net consumption for a reduced fat intake. In other words, if you eat candy and you're driving, you won't gain weight. In fact, if you drive fast enough, you'll even LOSE weight, becoming more svelte with every passing mile. This is why, though I am a strictly dark chocolate and diet cola kind of girl, when I go on a car trip, I eat lots of Reese's Pieces.

The equation looks something like this:

Anyway, it struck me the other day, as I was rolling along the interstate, losing inches by the second with my candy and my jumbo iced latte, that Reese's make a fabulous color combination for fall. The palette, after all, is patterned after nature herself. Here are a few spaces where autumnal oranges and browns are always sweet (if not slimming).

Jeffrey Bilhuber

Sara Story Design

Unknown (But Lovely)

Apartment Therapy, Benjamin Moore Colors

Palmer Weiss

Palmer Weiss

Massucco Warner Miller

Massucco Warner Miller
Images, Kidman, room 1: room 2: room 3: oom 4: room 4&5: Rooms 6&7:


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