Fashion house Coach often reminds me of the lines from that old Frank Sinatra standard, I Get a Kick Out of You:

Coach was one of my earliest fashion loves. Those classic lines, the Americana styles, the careful detailing of leather that only a house founded in the tradition of saddlery could achieve. Yet over the decades, Coach has changed her style from staid, yet elegant, matron of accessories to a hip, label-happy young thing, hawking logo encrusted designs where all that shimmers is not hardware, but sequins. It's rather hard to fault them - targeting teens and young twenties with their Poppy line is a smart marketing move, as is embracing our brand-focused times. But I'm wearying of little girl style. Where will it end? Perhaps someday soon we'll be toting bags in pink pastels with rhinestone encrusted rattles and little diaper shaped wallets. No age is too young for inspiration. 

Coach's Poppy line: where the girls are.

I crave classics - style that a daughter would want to inherit, rather than steal for junior prom. And though I'm young, I enjoy investing in something my older self might savor. If nothing else, feeling as if a purchase will last for years is salve for the shopper's conscience.

Thus I'm excited by Coach's fall line, with its Hepburn tributes and lunching ladies vibe. It's style without sass, crayons giving way to class. I'll take the tweed over sequins, thanks much!

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