Where are you going this year?

Paper is out. Care to read? Pick up a Kindle! Want to write a note? iPad! Need to jot something in your calendar? I'll take a piece of paper, thank you. Because there's nothing as satisfyingly human as attempting to decipher whether you scrawled "3 cups sugar" or "8 wups super" on your grocery list. Entertainment value aside, big leather agendas these days cost as much as a fancy tech gadget. So if your New Year's resolution includes watching your budget and pounds (which could be the same thing, if you're British), invest in a pad - an inexpensive paper one. Here are the best bets for making chicken scratch stylish on the cheap.

1) Bang for the Buck:  Lilly Pulitzer, $24.95. Perfect for the professional (multiple calendars!), student (includes a full school year in addition to the calendar year), and mommies (lots of note space and a few stickers for the kids), it's also a steal. The thick cover withstands more abuse than most leathers, and you won't feel sad about a few ink stains soiling the inside. Comes in two sizes.

2) Over-informed:  Jonathan Adler's paper agenda, $18.95, comes stocked with daily, weekly, and monthly options, as well as odd bits of information. But why not? Adler makes your pillows, PDA, and pottery fabulous - let him do the same for your day. 

3) Living dangerously:  the Kate Spade spiral desktop calendar, $20.00. Peppered with charming illustrations by artist Jenny Bowers, this planner has months of pizzaz - but only a few days of writing space. For those who either keep only a few engagements, or write very, very, very small, it is grid-month calendars only. Just bring along a magnifying glass!

BONUS - The Lightweight. If you're one of those rare creatures who can carry a clutch without stashing all your extra needies in a) your car, b) your pockets, or c) your boyfriend's pockets, this is the agenda for you! Moleskine's classic design, the Colour a Month Planner, $20.00, is divided into 12 separate notebooks. When January's done, toss it onto the shelf and move on to a new month and a shiny new notebook in a bright color. A fresh start every 30 days!
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