My favorite thing in the 120 pages of House Beautiful's February decor ideas was so missable - one page of snapshots and a smattering of text about HB Contributing Editor Frances Schultz' home makeover in the Hamptons. It was so much fabulosity packed into such a small space - I had to have MORE! Luckily, House Beautiful online offered more (and larger) pictures. Enjoy!

Green and white, and oh so right. Love the layered curtains and the bold, graphic patterns (stripes, plaids, botanicals - and stripes again). 

Country whimsy: a painted bee... next to a bee hive basket. 

In the former garage cum sun room, big pattern dominates a little space. Carlton Varney paper and a shade worthy of a 1940s ice cream parlor sweeten the space.

There's more charm to come! Other rooms in Bee Cottage's makeover will be featured in upcoming issues of House Beautiful. 


Splendid Sass said...

Oh I love this cottage!
Thank you for sharing these beautiful images. Look forward to seeing more.
Have a great evening.

Karena said...

Oh Adore these greens, fresh, fun,vibrant!!

Come and enter my new giveaway from Blydesign!!

Art by Karena

Kathysue said...

I have had two designers email me and tell me that this cottage reminded them of ME. What a compliment!! I think I could move right in. My kitchen and dining room walls are covered in the large scaled green striped fabric in the form of a wallcovering. It is so fresh and such a neutral base for my home. If you are interested at all you can see it on my sidebar of my blog. Love this cottage so much,Kathysue

Muffy said...

I really like the exterior colors! And the ivy, of course. Not a color combination you see very often, but it has such a pretty, classic feel.

Doug Davis said...

so glad you noticed this was the best thing in the issue, I think. glad you discovered bigger photos online. can't wait to see more of this house@!

quintessence said...

So charming and agree with you and Doug - so happy to see more photos - you could never be in a bad mood in that sun room!

Rashon Carraway said...

Green is so refreshing. Although I prefer black and white, I can appreciate a well gathered green room [no pun intended].

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

eliza said...

so vibrant and beautiful, love the greens.

Averill said...

Oh I so want this cottage Skyla. Talk about quaint! Thanks for sharing and happy weekend!

Chris said...

Green everything. So cool to eyes. Loving it.
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