A little while ago I posted an ode to blue and white rooms and their charming reminiscence of sand and surf, cloud and sky. Blue is often the color of January too, whether in mood (singing the winter blues) or as a symbol of new beginnings. It's a classic pairing for clothes, for boys (little boy blue, the navy blue blazer), and girls (think Alice in Wonderland). Below, a retrospective of some favorite blue dresses. Just make sure you wear it - don't feel it!

...First Disney

Then Vogue...

Disney has succeeded in capturing in painted stills (and computer matrixes) the idealistic dreams of the American female psyche for several generations. A rags to riches, commoner to royal princess dons blue, with accents of bridal white.

Modern times:  couturiers cut the dresses of our dreams. Emily Blunt poses in Dior Haute Couture for Vanity Fair.

Softer shades of ice bleu by Roberto Cavalli.

Dolce and Gabbana's petal showered confection, an adult gown little girls would thrill to wear.

Dior recreates a delftware print for a surprising slice of blue.

Come closer...

Roberto Cavalli flips the lining inside-out, adorning a woman in the shape and pattern of an exquisite oriental vase. 

Images/ Alice in Wonderland/ Vogue's Alice with Mad Hatter/ Alice / Cinderella/ Emily Blunt/ CavalliDolce and Gabbana/ Dior/ Dior close-up/ Cavalli/ Double Cavalli/


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