Every week, my email inbox fills to the brim (somewhere out there on the internets, my emails are spilling out onto the proverbial floor). But sometimes, as I'm desperately trying to restore order to the mailbox mayhem, I find something truly clickable, like H & H Home (that's founding friends Heather & Helen, y'all). This Atlanta-based store refurbishes worthy pieces, burnishing vintage favorites into modern marvels. The results are truly home-worthy, from Vuitton trunks to charming chinoiserie furniture. I'm so glad I organized my inbox!

H & H Home

And a few of my top picks... so much chinoiserie! You can shop H & H HERE.
/Images/ All from H & H/


Unknown said...

Let me collect my jaw from the floor. These are two girls after my own heart! Website, bookmarked. Heart, swooning.

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Just gorgeous images! Love it all.
Thank you for sharing.

classiq said...

That Vuitton trunk is gorgeous! Love all the pics.

Unknown said...

I do love a vuitton trunk and haven't gotten over ikat prints after all this time. Lovely!

xo Mary Jo

EFT for Cancer said...

Stunning photos! I love everything that you handpicked. They are all lovely and pretty.

quintessence said...

Beautiful!! What a wonderful source - will be heading there next but first have to tell you a funny story. When I was in college, sophomore year my roommate and I won a lottery to live in a dorm that was a newly renovated old home. It was so charming and hadn't been lived in for decades. After I moved in, I went to basement to store something and what should I see but a HUGE Vuitton trunk - an old one with travel stickers - incredible. I knew it wasn't anyone's because I was the first to arrive. I of course wanted to take it up to my room immediately but, being the good girl that I was, wanted to check with the university first. So I hustled over to the housing office and they said I could do with it what I wanted. Well - I'm sure you see what's coming - when I got back to the house and ran to the basement the trunk was gone! It didn't end up in anyone's room in the house - I of course quizzed EVERYONE but to this day I have no idea what happened to it.

ashley cooper said...

Oh la la ... I love the idea of restoring old into new! Great inspiration. thanks for sharing!!

Samantha said...

Those are some very inspiring vignettes.

The Antiques Diva said...

Visual feast... Delicious!

Hardwood Flooring Pro said...

There's nothing better than vintage touches to a room! Brings so much character and can start conversation with any guest. Thanks for sharing :) PS: where can I get that Louis Vuitton trunk, love it!


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