The magazine serial is a lost art form these days. With websites, Twitter, moment-by-moment news updates, and yes, blogs, who can be expected to remember what happened yesterday, much less in last month's magazine? But serials used to be the lifeblood of magazines and newspapers; Charles Dickens published many of his stories in serial fashion, and crowds would throng the docks in America for the delivery of the latest installment of his stories from London. So kudos to - of all publications - a home decor magazine for experimenting again with the serial. House Beautiful's monthly installments of Frances Schultz's East Hampton's cottage makeover are as charming as the house itself. Here are a few snaps from this month's update (more here for last month's living room makeover).

Ms. Schultz's challenge was to combine two small bedrooms into a pint-sized master suite:

The new study includes work space and a cozy spot for guests. The lacquered blue walls add light and dimension to a small space.

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Anonymous said...

oooh this all looks so lovely, and as much as I love green, blue is really speaking to me at the moment.
Love the way you can pick an image - when there's so much out there, it's a real talent!

quintessence said...

Agree - Newell Turner did this with his house as well. LOVE this space - pretty, eclectic and charming - I would be very happy here!

dCc said...

LOVE that bedroom and your blog!!


A Casa da VĂ¡ said...

The wall color and the lacquered finish are divine, would love to have a room like that!

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Beautiful post! Great way to start the week!
Jamie Herzlinger

The Zhush said...

Love this series and this home. So great!

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