I hate swimsuits and Swimsuit Issues,
Seeing those models brings out the tissues -
Whether these are less hate-able
Is somewhat debate-able
But they are quite charming -
And certainly less alarming!

If you miss the classic look of the "bathing sweeties", check out Jantzen's line of suits.


classiq said...

Timeless images. The polka dot bathing suit is so beautiful! :)

Jeanne Henriques said...

I am with you...love photos but give me one long stretch of beach and a super size parasol and I would be a happy camper...lounge chair and stack of mags essential too. :)

The Eye Behind the Detail said...

The retro swimsuits are always classic and classy and sexy without being too overt. I love that the shapes and styles are being rediscovered.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

You are so very clever Love your rhyme and the vintage photos. Bathing suits just make me want to cry and go for the gin.

Hope your week has been good?

Cheers ~ Deb

quintessence said...

Beautiful classic images and love the cute rhyme. Who doesn't hate bathing suit shopping!! Just as well that my pale skin doesn't like sun exposure!!


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