My apartment is a studio, but while I'm a happy camper living in one large room, I refuse to pretend that I live in a large BEDROOM. Luckily, the layout is such that with a great (massive) bookcase, I've created free-flowing separate living vs. sleeping areas. Even though the bed isn't the centerpiece of the apartment, I still wanted it to feel luxurious, and since it's in a dark corner, cheery.

And the most cheery thing I could think of was Mr. Bunny. I sketched Mr. Bunny back in my aspiring artist days (middle school?) and he's always struck me as having a sweet, if rather coy, temp√©rament. He's obviously fond of clover blossoms:

Since my current headboard is a massive chinese screen, I had to hang the sketch with visible cording. After a brief trip to the hardware store, I established two things:  a) they had no appropriate cording or wiring that could hold the picture's weight AND look good, and b) it was 100 billion degrees outside and I wasn't going to look anywhere else. Luckily, after a few minutes of aisle cruising, I found this roll of jute twine. Rustic chinoiserie? You bet!

Here's Mr. Bunny all hung up. In real life, the sorrel colored bedding is a nice compliment to the bright orange of the screen - in the photos it looks odd. The lovely pillows in Windsor Smith Pelagos Haze by Kravet are from one of my favorite Etsy stores, ZzzBoutique.

The chinese screen is a score from a Southern vintage shop - it's covered on both sides and framed in oak. Would you believe it was only $110??!! It almost didn't fit in my car - let's just say I got very cozy with the screen on the way home. 

The little glass and brass bamboo bedside table is the perfect size for the corner, and another vintage store find.  The lamp was a Home Goods score last week - $45.00, and it came with the shade, which has a rougher woven pattern in the same style family as the jute cording (hard to see in the picture). It also came with a cheezy porcelain finial, but I had purchased brass fretwork finials in a vintage store a while ago, even when I didn't have lamps to go with them. If I find something I really like, I just go for it. Inevitably, it finds a home. I love how ridiculously large the lamp looks on that teeny table - it's fun. 

Better view of the lamp (and that weird mismatched color thing again). The bedding is West Elm cherry blossom in sorrel.
That's the room! I'm not done - a different rug, pictures on the wall, and eventually, an actual headboard (I'm thinking grey velvet), as well as a bedskirt in matching Windsor Smith fabric are all in the future! 


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