The September Issue... you've seen the movie, now buy the current issue that did not inspire it (that would be 2007). I enjoy the comfort of hundreds of pages of economic stimulus, even if the magazine has more heft than the cover girl. But the autumn ads in Vogue were an uninspired bunch - mostly severely made up, sourpout models with laquer for hair, wearing plaid I'd be embarrassed to see lining a '70s suitcase.

A pity that we won't be allowed to at least dress nicely to face the hurricanes, earthquakes, and financial tsunamis of our Fall future. Did everyone hire Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke for their campaigns this season?

A few duds that aren't duds...

Tory Burch - Visionary

J. Crew Invokes A Scottish Ballet

The Royal Tenenbaum-Hilfigers (Preppy = Happy)

Iconoclast at Alexander McQueen
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