Bloggers on home design represent an unusually divergent field of faithful - after all, everyone lives in houses, so why not figure out how to live in them better? It's not always the degree that certifies a tastemaker. The resume is incidental - just like Go Remy says:

"I've got an MBA!"
"Ah - business administration?"
"NO! I got a Master's in Be'n Amaz'n!"

Anyway, so I was thrilled with the results of the Ralph Lauren/Bloomingdale's blogger designs and their four great picks to style their products. But, I would have been even MORE thrilled with a few of the lawyers/flamenco dancers/stay-at-home moms from blogger-land to represent. That's the only thing I could find to complain about with this campaign, though - it's fabulous (just scroll and say "ahhh").

Since I'm writing from DC, where introductions don't end with your name but your job title, here's the Ralph Lauren blogger ad campaign, CVs included.

Michelle Adams - formerly of M.A. Belle, now founder and blogger at Lonny (Resume:  Domino, Rubie Green founder)

Marisa Marcantonio of Stylebeat (Resume:  House Beautiful, O at Home)

Jennifer Boles of The Peak of Chic (Resume:  Finance)

Eddie Ross of Eddie Ross - the blog (Resume: Food Network, House Beautiful, Martha Stewart Living, Top Design tv show, online entrepreneur) 


The Devoted Classicist said...

It is interesting -- and a nice change -- to see these variations of the Ralph Lauren Look, using the products in some unexpected settings.

Bromeliad said...

Ah, yes, the bloggerati.

classiq said...

Interesting concept, but not at all surprising, given all the talented bloggers out there. The last two are my favourites.

L.A. in the bay said...

I'm going to use that MBA thing, that's funny!


I caught this campaign in my Bloomies catalogue--interesting idea-lovely to see bloggers get some well deserved recognition!

Marisa/Stylebeat said...

Thank you so much for showing my work Sanity Fair! Love what you do!
x Marisa

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