I have a real thing for finials (because I have a real thing for lamps - accessorizing accessories is so addictive!). Finding an unusual one is an imperative to buy. The right lamp will show up eventually for a match made in lighting heaven. Or, you can stack the decks a bit with one of these fantastic finials from Hillary Thomas at Chic Shop. They would make the most average Target ceramic go glam!



Gild and Grace said...

These are all gorgeous! Your blog is lovely :) I just discovered it and am your newest follower.

Abbey x

g├ęsbi said...

Very nice!I really liked the "cheeky" coral. (We're both into finials today.)

I also like your Billy transformation, but mine is so crammed with books that you wouldn't see the pretty paper!

Fake handbags said...

I love the Pinky Stardust. The color is simply irresistible. I love the Peace Frog as well.

HIllary Thomas said...

Love your blog and LOVE this post! THANK YOU!!! XOXO Hillary

Organizari evenimente said...

<3 I'm in love with the pink one.. :D Where can I buy it from?

Grazia said...

Very special blog! congratulations

Maureen Stevens said...

I know what u mean! It took me forever to choose which finial to put on my home office lamp when I was at an antique lighting store...these are so beautiful!


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