Braving the chill winter air and delighted throngs of toddlers, I made my way to the National Botanic Gardens to see their Christmas displays last weekend. It's a gorgeous building, all glass domes on slender supports, enclosing tall palms, an orchid trail, and several small streams. But things were a little different in the usually flora-filled great hall, where instead of a Victorian crystal palace, it looked like a band of hyper-active, genius squirrels with degrees in architecture went on a building spree.

To wit:

Everything in these miniatures is constructed from organic material - twig pillars, glazed leaf roofs, acorn -crusted pediments - creating a charming tableau of D.C.'s famous buildings.

Bartholdi Fountain (note the jets of water - it works!)

Library of Congress, Thomas Jefferson Building

Check out those little leaf floor tiles!

The Lincoln Monument

The White House

National Museum of the American Indian (roofed in mushrooms)

The Washington Monument

The Smithsonian Castle

The Supreme Court

The Thomas Jefferson Monument (gourd dome included)
/All images/ my own/


Julie of Monkey Grass Hill said...

It is amazing what they created out of sticks and leaves. I loved it. Your post is so much better. My 6 year old took over the photography for the day. Needless to say what he though was photo worthy and what I thought was photo worthy were not the same.

happy holidays!


Wow these are amazing! This must have taken a lot of time and patience to make! Great photos!


Nikki Rappaport said...

Wow, this is incredible. I'll have to try and take a trip over there. Thanks for the heads up!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

The Jefferson memorial cracked me up. they are all quite amazing.

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