This year I was determined - DETERMINED! - to have a Christmas tree. But if you live in a thimble, you have to have magical properties, and mine happens to be finding tiny little fir trees that fit in thimbles. Or at any rate, three-foot-fir trees that fit in a ginger jar. Here's a little tour of my decorating. Hope you enjoy!

I love Chinoiserie, and I have a burgeoning little collection of asian-inspired ornaments (along with greek key ribbon from - wait for it - Walmart!).

I have a particular mania for glass-blown ornaments, like this darling little kimono.

A little Chinese girl carries a lantern.

What's your fortune?

A glamorous pagoda sparkles in several tiers.

A geisha, parasol at the ready, promenades the branches.

Darling panda!

An unfurled fan makes a tree topper.

A little glass fan.


Sushi (non-edible).

White poinsettias (badly in need of a decorative ribbon) adorn a garden stool.

Paperwhites and pagodas (apologies for the terrible photos - iPhone is my only resource right now!).

And I couldn't resist slipping a spare branch and a Chinese knot onto a picture or two.
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