Fabulosity! It's Martyn Lawrence-Bullard for Schumacher fabrics, wrought by Schumacher in weaving centers around the world (paisley in England, velvets in Italy, ikats in India). Every enviable stitch is so exquisitely designed, it must be unattainable to those not of the trade... 

But where Cinderellas have Godmothers, amateurs have Etsy. And LabDesigns on Etsy has Bullard's Nebaha fabric in Citron for your pillow purchasing pleasure. Greek key AND chevron - pattern nirvana! 
Bullard recently came by the Washington Design Center and gave a talk, ostensibly about merchandising fabrics, but really, it was pure entertainment with a few fabulous tips thrown in. His jokes were such a hit, the design house sounded more like the house of mirth. 

That's him on the right - tiny, grainy, hilarious Martyn on my tiny, not so hilarious iPhone (and that washed out photo on the left is one of his new Schumacher fabrics, based on the Tree of Life and featured in the Schumacher ad above).

Pillows below are Adras Ikat by Bullard for Schumacher. Adras Ikat in the Jewel colorway is such a hit, Schumacher's shopping bags are patterned in it.

Guess where you can buy these beauties? Etsy, of course... from 3BModLiving. Below, Caravan and Sky colorways.

A riot of color! Bullard's style is Morocco gets married to a kaleidoscope. 

Bullard's own dining room, with a ceiling stenciled in a pattern he took from antique fabric.

Sikar Embroidery by Bullard in the citrus colorway - available on Etsy!
You can view the entire Bullard for Schumacher line HERE.
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Samantha said...

Love his style. Glad to know he's a joker too.

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Great fabrics! I am excited to use them in a project!

Laura Casey said...

Jealous that you got to see him in action! Sounds like he is as big as his designs are,


I am loving his fabrics.....need some pillows now....


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