Thanks to The Denver Post online for running a story by Jura Koncius on my apartment! It's been so much fun hearing from small-space dwellers from across the country (or folks just looking to cheer up a room). Do you have a wonderful small space tip you'd like to share? Leave a comment for me below, or on Facebook. I'll do a post with some of the best tips soon!

Photographed by Katherine Frey, The Washington Post

P.S. I think that orchid plant is on its way out. I've been on the fence about it for a while, but from this view, it looks like it's trying to eat the room! I hope it doesn't come after me in the night...


jackie jade said...

This tip isn't groundbreaking at all, but our guest room is also sorta my closet/dressing room (since the "master" closet is tiny!) To make the best use of space, I use the long tupperware containers under the bed for shoe storage. I also use command hooks in the closet to hang my purses.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Nothing in the completion stage yet. Congrats on your recent press!

Anonymous said...

I live in Denver and read with interest the article about your small space. Congratulations on your blog and the positive press. Love that comforter. Would you tell where you purchased it?

Marissa said...

What a cozy spot love it!!!!

Sanity Fair said...

Hello to the poster from Denver - I purchased the comforter and matching shams from West Elm last year, and they are no longer available. HOWEVER, I noticed that someone appears to be selling a set on eBay!

Also, Restoration Hardware carries a lovely cherry blossom duvet, in pink instead of orange:

Hope that helps! And thanks everyone for the great ideas!

SeiShonagon said...

I'm not saying I don't love my husband, I'm just saying that if I lived alone I could ditch the queen sized bed monster squatting in what I jokingly call "the living room" and get something smaller. How the heck does anyone pull off the miniscule apartment thing successfully with other people cluttering it up? *throws hands up in despair*


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