Mary McDonald

I'm on the hunt for some great obelisks! With the Washington Monument just down the street, this seems like a fun DC send-up, without going "tourist" on the decor. So far, I've had the best luck in vintage shops, but does anyone have any other recommended sources? 


WeirdRockStar said...

I found my pair from the most unlikely place imaginable, a cheapo knick- knack store close by and their garden& gardening section. They were ( supposed to be ) garden ornaments and they cost only a euro per piece! My only regret is that I didn´t stock up. I´ve yet to have a visitor who neeeeds to know where they I got them from.

Samantha said...

I found some a million years ago at Burlington Coat Factory. Yeah. Not intuitive.

Mike said...

Try thrift shops. You can get beautiful furniture there. I always get stuff then fix it up. It's fun.


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