Last year, this dining space in Royce Pinkwater's home, featured in House Beautiful, captured my imagination. The oversized photos (sadly, unattributed in the article), are fresh and completely unfussy, and I thought the look would be a perfect fit for my pint-sized apartment.

The wall behind my TV/credenza is one of those sticking-spots - you know, a space that doesn't quite work, and seems rather unfixable (I should specify:  unfixable on a tight budget). Faced with a blank wall, I busted out the poster board and tempra paints, swung by the IKEA, and came up with this temporary DIY "art" fix. Many months later, that "temporary" fix is acting rather permanent. Worst of all, the neutral palette in my otherwise colorful apartment just seems dull.

I still have my heart set on that marvelous botanical light-box look Pinkwater used to such great effect. After a LOT of online searching, I came across these prints by photographer Jenny Kraft over at The set is available in the ginormous size I need for about $200.00. Deal!

So, I tried a little (unsophisticated) photo superimposing.... What do you think?

Here's another shot of the room. 

A close up of a few color splashes. 

What do you think? Should I click "order" or keep searching? Love to hear your thoughts!
/Images/ House Beautiful via Splendid Sass/ Green artwork from All others, my own/


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