This entry space, featuring Australian artist Kerri's "Kingfisher" prints, is a favorite for its easy, natural style. But for me, what makes the space are those twin chevron urns flanking the table. 

Luckily, Nate Berkus' new line for Target includes a similar style chevron jar (or urn, or vase). Boasting a slightly chubbier stripe, the jars come in two sizes. 

Decor blogger Nicole Gibbons of So Haute shows off a sample of each as Nate nods approvingly - they look great without the lids as well. 

Berkus' jars recall traditional Mexican folkart, where the chevron urn is popular in a variety of colors and styles - including lamps! My personal favorite is this burnt orange shade from Emilia Ceramics. It would look fantastic in my bedroom!

A set of Emilia Ceramics vases in a design by Liz Caan Interiors.

The distinctive look of these vases brings a little pizzaz to any room. Below are a few examples from fellow bloggers.
Here, an Emilia Ceramics vase dresses up a shelf over at Made By Girl

Here, Berkus' jar is a great accent to Halloween decor in a room by One Perfect Room.

Blogger Amanda Carol follows Gibbon's lead, styling up the chevron with a few flowers (these are Berkus' version again, in both sizes). Via Amanda Carol At Home.

A fun black and white space by Carmel at Our Fifth House.

Another chevron vignette by Jen Ramos over at Made by Girl.
/Images / Kingfisher print photo, via Kerri's own Pinterest page/  Nate Berkus for Target collage via Headed Somewhere/ So Haute and Nate Berkus screen shots via Target/ 
All other photos as attributed above/

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I love to read your blog. Your jar looks cute as it is painted striped.


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