For Americans from the deep South, Southwest, and much of the Pacific Coast, a white Christmas is a delightful movie, not an actual experience. Still, the temperature does drop in December, the coats - or at least jackets - come out, and it's not too much of a stretch to imagine a few flurries. But what do you do when Christmas comes midsummer? How do Aussies and Kiwis celebrate Christmas, and does Santa ride a surfboard? Maybe Australian based home decor webzine Adore will provide some clues.

Christmas seems to mean loads of fresh, not candied fruit (at an xmas party at the Black & Spiro store).

Christmas shopping sleeveless...

And no ugly Christmas sweaters. Maybe they do ugly Christmas bathing suits? 

Adore also featured Portugese interior designer Maria Barros, whose sunny style suits the Southern Hemisphere (note her very colorful tree).

Would you prefer a summery Christmas? Or is ice nice for the holidays?


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