A mirrored screen, stone lions, and orange sideboard at Luckett's.

I'd heard about the antique Old Luckett's Store in historic Leesburg, VA, for years, but never made it out until this past weekend, when a friend suggested a trip. It is a WONDERLAND.

I should have taken a few more pictures of the outdoors, which includes wrap-around porches stuffed to the gills, and multiple out-buildings also full of decor. This was the stack of furniture around the main entrance - home run.

 The interior is a combination of french cottage, Virginia country, and cluttered attic.

There were little surprises everywhere, including these doll-sized Stark chairs.

Fabulous black and white stripe settee. I really wish I'd checked the price, but most things at Luckett's were very reasonable. 

Charming chintz covered stairs!

Loved this chair! I wanted it so badly. And I'm not allowed to have it... seating for 10 in a 425 square food studio is already ridiculous. But it was fantastic. 

There were a lot of great screens at Luckett's, and if you need antlers, plenty of those too. 

A Chinese bamboo stand and a Roman-esque soldier get on just fine.

Look at these mirrored obelisks! (The chair in the LH corner should help you get a sense of their size. They were enormous.)
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42350 Lucketts Road
Leesburg, VA  20176


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