Of course I bought it. It's green. 
Actually, it's not really meant to go here on the table--I just had a terrible case of Lamp Love in the Home Goods (Lamp Love is a serious medical condition, affecting millions of decor-attuned Americans, although my doctor keeps saying he hasn't heard of it. My accountant is equally ignorant). The emerald green with the grass green is not a great match, but I'll find another spot for it soon. It was just too fascinating a piece to pass up, and of course, it was only $49, and then it was only $40, when I found a small crack in the base and negotiated with the store manager.

Later, I did some digging online, and found the same lamp available at the Lamp Store for $120. The base is just fantastic.

I love the gold lining in the shade--it has a candlelight glow in the evening.

//Images, my own, and the lamp store//


Katherine said...

I saw two of these here in Raleigh and just about died. Sadly, I had to leave them at home goods because I just don't need another lamp. Very very cool. said...

I am blown away by the lamp and the styling! I love it!!! And I'm loving your eclectic plates. What a find!

clara said...

love this green color!

Allison Hasel said...

I suffer from Lamp Love as well and own no less than 30 lamps! It is ridiculous! My husband threatens to leave me if I buy another lamp, that won't keep me from HomeGoods to see if I can find this lamp! :D

Ana Smith said...

Absolutely love it! The colour is amazing and that goledn base looks like ginger root :)
~Ana Smith | Carpet Cleaners Canonbury

Monnaie Ernakulam said...

Nice interior decoration!

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