When in Charlottesville...

As summer came to a close, I headed down to Charlottesville for a quick weekend trip—and to Caspari, of course! I had a terrible time ripping myself away from this store, and didn't until I had stocked up on some of my Juliska pattern (which includes ginger jars!), books, hostess items, and a pile of other treasures. 

Juliska Country Estate in blue and white ginger jars.

Caspari is chock-a-block with chinoiserie—this Dorothy Draper-style cabinet flanked by Gracie-esque panels is a prime example.

 Just in time for Fall, Caspari has plenty of orange. 

A particular favorite of mine was this floral die-cut placemat.

Green lattice and animal print make for a lovely spring setting.

A few of the wrapping papers on hand—pagoda, monkeys, and the same pinwheel pattern as the placemats!

There were many small pieces of furniture for purchase, including garden stools.

 I loved this display, especially seeing my rather traditional Country Estate pattern paired with an almost electric turquoise blue—very different, and very fun.

Other Charlottesville recommendations? Stay at the Boar's Heads Inn, shop for clothes at the Vintage Vixen, check out the antiques at Oyster House,  and enjoy the marvelous brunch at West Main or the fantastic Mexican food at Continental Divide!


Jamie Morton said...

Gorgeous! Love the blue and white ginger jars and the cabinet!
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Anonymous said...

It's so good! There are some beautifull furniturs.

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