I don't do a lot of home goods shopping at Target these days-being of the Tony Duquette camp when it comes to color (clear, bold colors every time) has kept me away. Virtually every shade they sell comes pre-aged in too-many-mixed-wash-cycles grey: mustard rather than sunshine yellow, brick red rather than lacquer, faded blue rather than blue sky. But today's Target shopping trip was pure delight-so many great finds! Apparently, they're eager for spring, too:

There's a nice Madeline Weinrib look to those pillows-and check out the pink and bamboo tray. I'm also a fan of the coral lamps in the background.

Great storage option-it comes in pale blue, too.

Check out these great tables! Just make sure you get the one with even side panels. :)

These bamboo mirrored trays are fabulous! I almost bought one... almost, because despite my constant drumbeat about how great trays are for keeping spaces organized, you can also have TOO MANY TRAYS. Which is what I have. And I may have just bought another last week...

Chinese garden stools at the Target! Love the lattice pattern. They're a good deal at $69. 

Matching vases and coasters are a smaller dose of Palm Beach vibe.

These "wicker bottom" trays were lovely in person, and the lattice mirror isn't bad either. 


Julie said...

Those gold tables are amazing!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Target really knows how to 'bring it'!

Annapolady said...

I drooled over these items at my Target. Great finds! I also have too many trays, but I seem to keep buying them. Alas.

Anonymous said...

What great items...I long for a Target store to find its way to Dubai!!
When will we see your imgaes of your new apartment?
I loved your last one and I still have the images on my inspiration board as I thought your colour choices were incredible!

kopiluwak nya said...

Katie said...

Is this from the Rockville target? Potomac Yards? I want to go find so much of this tomorrow!!

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