Paper (Price) Cut

Rejoice! Paper Source is having a post-holiday sale. Not in the mood to think about the holidays? Neither am I. What I'm excited about is SPRING. Lucky for us all, a few bright things are on the discount list. Below, some favorites.

I love labels - I'm also a hyper type A who, as a child, used to organize her playmate's toys. True story. But even if you aren't diagnosably OCD, you still need to know what you put in that box, don't you? Try using these - you'll love being organized again.

If you haven't yet picked up your calendar, first, you are NOT an organized person. You probably need a calendar. Second, you're in luck. There are some great options left:

And finally, no they're not on sale, but I can't stay away from the marvelous patterned papers. I use them to line drawers, in albums, and when economic times are less than ideal (wonder when that would be...) I'll put the same paper in multiple frames and display as a wall hanging. It looks lovely, and costs... as much as the paper. A cheap mini makeover. Wouldn't these be gorgeous on your walls?


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