Gone, But Not Forgotten

Dear Friends,

Yes, it's been a while since I posted. I've been a bit busy (uprooting your life and moving across country takes up a lot of time, turns out). I've been knee deep in boxes, and it's been a great opportunity to survey my realm. Let me tell you, it isn't pretty. I have loads of gorgeous papered boxes full of mystery items, dozens of flowery files of old paperwork, and not a few very elegant, and very dried out, pens. So, in honor of my own pre-spring purge, I invite you to join me in my attempt to pare things down (at least to the size of a small moving van). Sounds theraputic, doesn't it? Like Apartment Therapy actually - this is a great blog whose February theme just happens to be (I love it when the stars aline): DO IT NOW! There's loads of advice on sorting your trash and treasures, and how to do odd jobs around the house (you know, the ones you're trying to ignore).

Two gems: How to organize your home (or apartment) room by room.

And my favorite: Organizing Tips for the Overtired and Overstressed. I'm guessing this is you.

In the end, you may see one of the most beautiful things around: the bottom of an empty box. Happy organizing!


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