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Do you have a chandelier in your home that needs a little pizazz (maybe one of those kinds with the electric "candles" with faux wax drips on the sides... )?  Well, don't pitch it.  Fix it!  I love this selection of candle covers from Kaarskoker.  With little effort you can bring new life to old lights.  Or, personalize the lighting to fit changing decor.  And if you're a renter lucky enough to have formal lighting, it's easy and fixable-when-you-move-out. 

Try it out! The website includes simple instructions for installation.

Images: kaarskoker

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this find. I have been disturbed by our gaudy chandeliers for years, but reluctant to get rid of them--I felt like they just needed to be tweaked to be cool. This is just the ticket.


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