I Like Ike(a)

I adore IKEA.  Mostly because of their intoxicating cinnamon buns (which once induced me to drive 30 minutes out of my way on a cross-country trip just to taste their luscious goodness).  I also like their furniture, their sense of fun, and the instant gratification of picking it out and picking it up.  And, with a little care, you can use those inexpensive pieces in a room and make it look like, well, they're not from IKEA. Here are a few picks from their new stock.  

How many pretty displays could you fit on this bookcase?  It's a charmer. LACK bookcase, $129.

GREEN!!!! Oh joy. You would HAVE to be happy in a room with these on the windows. $9.99 a pair people. Snatch 'em up.

This is just awesome. This is IKEA love, happening right now. Seriously, an entire cowhide? I see this in your living room, next to your sleak couch and under your silver and glass coffee table. Koldby cowhide, $249. There's one in brown too.

It's a kid's toy, but it's almost Easter and I want it. SO cute. Fabler rattle, $2.99.

A pretty plate for a breakfast room. Trolsk serving bowl, $8.99.  And don't forget the cereal bowls!  $2.99 a set. 

Mouth blown glass. And it's TURQUOISE. For a $1.99. Isn't life great?

All images, IKEA.


Liz said...

I love Ikea too! People never can believe that our nice furniture is from Ikea. They stil think of it as plastic furniture for college students, but it has so much more!

Beth Connolly said...

So right about Ikea-it is a treasure trove of great things if you have a good eye.


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