Sanity Fair Throws In The Target Towel

I give up. I've been trying not to be too "Target-centric" on this blog because of various reasons - it's limiting from a design standpoint, I'd like to offer a mix of low AND high, it gets old and repetitive, etc. etc. But darn that wonderful red and white circle, it's a hopeless business. At least once a week they do some sort of fabulous designer collaboration, and I get all excited, and you get a post. In an effort to control the madness, I've embraced an "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" attitude. There will now be a weekly Treasures from Target post. And I'll try to hold it together on the other days. Promise.

Here it is: Felix Ray for Target! And there is CORAL involved. Oh dear. How many of these bags will I come home with? Enjoy the low-cost feast below. **Prices aren't official yet - most appear to be in the $19 to $39 range.

Big thanks to blogs Cheap Chicas for the nice bag collage and to Gigi's Gone Shopping for the nice (and rare) pics of the navy blue options.

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