Garden and Gun

Faulkner said that in the South, history is the bullet in the dining room table. In other words, history isn't really gone at all. It's lodged just beneath the bowl of collards and a little to the right of your tea glass.

Despite a lot of modernization, the South still suffers from originality and eccentricity in spades, and thankfully, Southern magazines are no exception. Founded as a quarterly in 2007, Garden and Gun is a marvelous testament to the uniqueness of Southern culture, canvassing film, food, art, architecture, design, travel, literature, photography, and, necessarily, biscuits.

Click here for an article on Southern architect and interior designer Bobby McAlpine's excellent work. And below, some lovely images from the magazine's recent retrospective, "Southern Exposures." Enjoy! (Photos by Richard Sexton; last photo, Eric Kiel)


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