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H&M has been my old friend these many years - fabulous scarf for a pittance? Check. Latest trendy something for a song? Double check. And now, they've introduced the same fun, trendy-cum-classic-with-a-touch-of-wacky-European-disco look for the HOME. Three cheers!

Thanks to blog Apartment Therapy for collecting photos of the various looks. I have to admit, I chose these pics because they were the easiest to view - H&M's publicity pictures are rather cluttered. Below, some snaps!

This navy and white look is from the Classic Line. I really love the pillows; all this room really needs to pop is a touch of hot pink peonies and some deep rose pillows. And maybe a ship-in-a-bottle.

Great East Coast feel for the kitchen, also from the Classic Line. It definitely makes me want to boil some lobsters.

Here's a sampling from the Natural Line - I love the effect of the line drawings, which could fit into a variety of decor settings.

They're actually vaguely reminiscent of Alexander Calder's work (Rearing Stallion, from the National Gallery's Collection, below), and would look fetching in a neutral room like this, from the Domino archives.

Sadly, no word yet on when the home collection will be available in the U.S. (they're already going on the market in Europe). Fingers crossed that H&M Home will cross the pond soon!

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