Pull Up A Bench

I was ambling through a rainy and cold outdoor garden section in Lowe's early this week and came upon this bench.  My heart lurched, my fingers tingled - it was love at first sight.  The bench just seats two people, or one person and a lot of books, comfortably. Obviously it's for the outdoors, but with a different fabric on the cushion (and removal of that ghastly and inexplicably included throw pillow) it could be a stunning addition in a living room or hall.  How wonderful is the branch work along the back, and the graceful turn of the legs?  It's worth reconsidering the bench - we tend to relegate them to the patio, but really, a bench is a nice fit anywhere you need compact seating for several and a couch is too large (or formal).   Below, a few more "ambi-use" benches.  

Be still, my heart.  From Lowe's.  $277.00.

A beautiful trellis bench (outdoors design used indoors) in the White House Palm Room - a lovely passage between the formality of the residence and the ease of the South Lawn. The graceful portrait hanging above is by Constantini Brumidi, originally hung in the East Room.  Not available at any price, but there are similar designs on the market (or get your DIY in gear and build your own).

This aluminum botanist bench could go in a kid's room or around the pool. Or anywhere. Eco-friendly, durable material, and it comes in five colors and several sizes.  Available at  $1,200.00.

Images: branch bench by Lowe's; bamboo bench by, photo by Domino; Palm Room bench, Architectural Digest through the White House Historical Association; botanist bench,


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