Great Things Come in Small Packages

There's always some excuse for not having a room just the way you like it - too small, too dark, and on and on. Well, the grass is always greener. Home design aficionado and plucky restaurant worker Anu decided to make the most of what she had (a teeny tiny studio with a couch and a bed in the same room). "When Anu Suebsawangkul painted her 408-square-foot apartment all white she had no idea that her quick fix to conceal hideous blue walls would be the start of a design obsession. After that it was all white all the time: painting white furniture, purchasing white accessories, and fabricating white curtains. Soon, however, the monochromatic room wasn’t enough and, says Suebsawangkul, 'I decided to give my room some pizzazz. I discovered the Hollywood Regency style and I fell in love with it. Kelly Wearstler and Dorothy Draper are my style icons.'" - Metropolitan Home. Lesson learned? Your vision should always surpass your square footage.


Sarah Klassen said...

Very pretty space - almost like a hotel getaway! Very nice and inviting, not to mention chic~

Julie at Belle Vivir said...

very well done. Very relaxing.

Sanity Fair said...

Sarah - I thought it looked like a hotel too! Interesting that both of her inspirations, Draper and Wearstler, are known for fabulous hotels.


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